The EPSRC Supergen SuperSolar Network is an inclusive solar community that links research carried out by universities and industry, providing an ideal forum for researchers to connect with developments and work together to address key challenges in solar technologies.

The SuperSolar Network would like to support its reach into wider audiences through hosting a repository of materials designed to engage both with fellow researchers and wider audiences, including the public.

To stimulate the generation of these materials, a competition will be held, open to Early Career Researchers (PhD students and postdoctoral RA’s and Fellows). Entries may be submitted by individuals or groups of Early Career Researchers.

Entries shall be in the form of podcasts (max duration 10 minutes), short films (max duration 3 minutes) or animations (max duration 3 minutes).

We welcome entries that demonstrate how Early Career Researchers in the field of Solar Technologies are able to communicate their knowledge and research.

Prizes in the form of travel grants will be awarded to enable awardees to attend UK or International conferences of their choice.  Mindful of the current COVID 19 situation, the funding can be spent any time up to 30 June 2022.  Prizes will be awarded in each of two categories A and B, defined below.

First prize of £1000 travel grant

Two runner Up prizes of £500 travel grant

The judging panel will consider how the entries align with the field of solar technologies, communicate scientific content and engage with their target audience, alongside the production quality of the media.

Category A: Communicating research to other solar researchers

Entrants are invited to present the results of their research undertaken in solar technologies targeted at an audience of fellow researchers

Category B: Communicating research to wider audiences

Entrants are invited to engage with those outside of the field. Suitable themes could include:

  • The importance of solar energy in mitigating climate change
  • The importance of solar in the energy supply mix
  • Exciting potential applications of photovoltaics
  • How Solar technologies can respond to societal needs
  • How sharing knowledge of solar technologies research can inspire learning
  • How researchers in solar technologies can collaborate to create or apply knowledge together
  • How researchers in solar technologies can learn from the wider public
  • How solar technologies can help change attitudes or behaviour

To enter the competition, click the button to register your interest:


The competition will close on 30 April 2021