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Addressing Challenges for Indoor Photovoltaic Technologies

March 15 @ 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm GMT

Using photovoltaic technologies to harvest ambient light from indoor settings is increasingly seen as a solution to powering the ever-growing number of Internet of Things devices present in homes and workplaces. Indoor Photovoltaics (IPV) is a key target area for applications of emerging thin film PV materials such as organic and perovskite PV. Needless to say, many challenges need to be addressed to realise the goal of sustainably powering smart devices.

This FREE webinar, hosted jointly with the Application Targeted and Integrated Photovoltaics (ATIP) EPSRC funded Programme Grant, showcases the latest developments in the field from the UK.




Event Chair: Prof David Lidzey, University of Sheffield




Dr Marina Freitag, Reader in Energy Materials, Newcastle University,

“Diffuse light to structured information”



Dr Matthiew Bellanger, Director, Lightricity LTD

“Ultra-high efficiency indoor photovoltaic technology and characterisation tools”



Dr James Blakesley, Principal Research Scientist, NPL

“Standards and measurement challenges for indoor PV devices”



Dr. Wing Chung Tsoi, Associate Professor,  Swansea University

“Organic and perovskite photovoltaics for indoor applications”



Dr Lethy Krishnan Jagadamma, UKRI-Future Leaders Fellow, University of St Andrews 

Halide perovskites for efficient indoor light harvesting: effect of composition tuning” 





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