Network Membership

Benefits of network membership:

  • News about events and funding opportunities in photovoltaics research
  • Attendance at SuperSolar events and activities
  • Access to training courses run by SuperSolar
  • Funding opportunities for international research secondments and small research grants
  • Networking activities for the photovoltaics R&D community


Associate Membership

If your laboratory is already well established and you have received funding for photovoltaics research from a body such as EPSRC, Innovate UK or the European Commission, you can apply for associate membership of SuperSolar. This will enable you to participate in SUPERGEN SuperSolar technical meetings, which are held bi-annually (January and July). Industrial participation is also encouraged by individuals engaged in the solar sector.

Benefits of associate membership:

  • Attendance and participation in the SuperSolar’s technical meetings
  • Access to the accredited and calibrated cell efficiency facility at Loughborough University
  • Accurate and independent measurements available on all cell technologies
  • Access to training courses run by SuperSolar
  • Funding opportunities
  • Access to a broader PV community

Please note: Failure to complete the form with evidence of your work in solar will result in your application being recorded as a network member.