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SuperSolar Childcare Fund

The SuperSolar Network+ recognises that childcare responsibilites can present a significant barrier to participation for some researchers. In response it has established the SuperSolar Childcare Fund that can be accessed to offset additional childcare costs incurred by applicants attending SuperSolar events.

The SuperSolar Childcare Fund is intended to assist postgraduate research students, post-doctoral research assistants and investigators registered at or employed by UK universities to present their work or participate in SuperSolar organised events.

The SuperSolar Childcare Fund plans to support up to 5 awards over the coming year and will contribute up to £500 towards the cost of additional childcare costs incurred through attending a SuperSolar organised event (including online events).

Additional childcare costs may occur if you are required to:

  • Participate in events on what would normally be a non-working day.
  • Work extended hours on a normal working day.
  • Attend meetings with overnight stays.

The SuperSolar Childcare Fund is not intended to reimburse any costs that form part of someone’s normal care arrangements.

Please note that the SuperSolar Childcare Fund will fund 80% of the total cost up to a total contribution of £500. The Supersolar Childcare Fund fund will make awards via the applicants’ registered/employing institution against invoices recieved on Expenses claims made by the applicant to their host organisation. Please check with your own institution that such Expenses claims are submissable before applying to the SuperSolar Childcare Fund.

Applicants must be registered/employed at a UK university and must be SuperSolar network members.

Awards will be made on a first-come-first-served basis and the fund will close once all awards are allocated.

To apply, complete the application form found here: CCFApplicationForm_JUL22 and submit to

A purchase order will be issued to successful applicants. The recipient must submit an invoice based on actual expenditure before 31st December 2022. Payments will be made after the event has taken place.