PVSAT17 & SuperSolar Annual Conference took place at the Institute of Physics, London, 26-28 June 2023, showcasing the breadth of UK solar research talent. Delegates from 26 different institutions across the UK were in attendance, with a broad range of topics in solar energy being covered over 33 oral presentations and 31 poster presentations. The invited keynote speakers (Chris Hewett, John Murphy, Laura Herz, Jan Muller, Jenny Nelson, Hieu Nguyen, and Eric Colegrove) provided engaging talks and expert insight.

The conference proceedings will soon be issued through the IOP Publishing conference series.

Congratulations to the conference talk prize winners:

Dr Dhimish Mahmoud, University of York (1st place), “Investigating Thermal Defects and Degradation in UK Solar PV Installations through Drone-Based Thermography Surveys”

Matthew Wright, University of York (2nd place) “Characterisation of Passivating Contacts using Elastic Recoil Detection Analysis”

Sophie Pain, University of Warwick (3rd place), “Stable chemical enhancement of passivating nanolayer structures grown by atomic layer deposition on silicon”

Congratulations to the conference poster prize winners:

Daniel Parsons, NPL (1st place), “Low cost on-site albedo measurements for bifacial PV system development: comparison of different methods and sensors”

Bethany Willis, Northumbria University (2nd place)

Philippe Holzhey, University of Oxford (3rd place), “Towards commercialisation with lightweight, flexible perovskite solar cells for residential photovoltaics”