The SuperSolar Floating Solar Workshop took place on 13 September 2023. The deployment of floating photovoltaics (FPV) is increasing rapidly across the globe, generally targeting both onshore and offshore locations where available land is scarce. Many challenges exist for FPV technologies and  the Workshop featured key industry actors along with international and UK researchers working on both offshore and onshore FPV.

The Workshop programme was as follows:

Prateek Joshi, NREL: “Overview of NREL’s Research on Floating Solar Photovoltaics (FPV), including Technical Potential Assessments”

Stefan Wieland, Fraunhofer ISE: “Exploring FPV synergies: Pareto optima of PV yield and waterbody climate resilience”

Felix Gorintin, Innosea: “R&D status and ongoing site tests for anchoring and mooring in FPV”

Sofia Rocha, Lancaster University: “Physical, chemical, and biological impacts of floatovoltaics on aquatic systems: what do we know?”.

Luofeng Huang, Cranfield University: “Unlock the future of floating solar power plants on the ocean”

Gerhardus Human, Lightsource BP: “Floating solar experience and outlook”

Madjid Karimirad, Queen’s University Belfast: “Dynamics of Floating Solar: Experimental and Numerical Assessment”

Spyros Angeli, Glasgow Caledonian University: ‘Site identification analysis for floating Solar PV, using Geographical Information Systems (GIS)’

The workshop recording can be viewed here