The Solar Grid Connectivity Webinar took place on 10 November 2023. A great opportunity for researchers to hear about how electricity generated by PV connects with users in a variety of scenarios, featuring grid industry insight and research highlights from major solar asset scale to micro and mini grids, as we strive to achieve 70 GW of installed capacity by 2035.

Chaired by Philip Sandwell (United Nations Institute for Training and Research), the webinar programme was as follows:

Nikki Pillinger (Roadnight Taylor): “Introduction to the grid”

Alastair Buckley (University of Sheffield): “Integrating solar PV into electricity networks”

Pat Wheeler (University of Nottingham): “DC micro-grids for grid connected PV applications”

Reena Sayani (University of Sheffield): “Mini-grids for half-a-billion”

Mark Letcher (Exeter University): “Casting-back to the future PV policy”

The webinar recording can be viewed here.