A £500 cash prize to be presented by The Royal Society of Chemistry Energy Sector for the best PhD thesis awarded in 2019 in the field of Chemistry for the Energy Sector

Candidates must:

  • have been examined and notified of award of PhD from a recognised UK university in the calendar year 2019
  • submit a summary of their PhD Thesis (1000 words) to the Secretary of the RSC Energy Sector by the competition deadline, highlighting the relevance of the work to the Energy Sector and the RSC’s commitment to tackling global challenges
  • submit a letter from their PhD supervisor recommending the candidate for consideration and confirming the candidate meets eligibility criteria by the competition deadline

Open to all candidates that have been awarded (not necessarily graduated) a PhD from a UK university in the calendar year 2019. Their PhD thesis should be original work predominantly in the field of Chemistry that must have application in the Energy Sector.
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Submission deadline 5 January 2020