In November 2021, COP26 – the UN Climate Change Conference will take place. In preparation for this, the EPSRC-funded Supergen (Sustainable Power Generation and Supply) programme is organising a conference, 1-3 September 2021, for professionals in academia, policy, and industry to discuss climate change mitigation measures that need to be implemented in the UK to meet the net zero target. 

The Supergen programme consists of 6 Hubs – energy storage, energy networks, solar, bioenergy, offshore renewable energy and hydrogen. This conference aims to unite stakeholders to exchange ideas and insight on how the UK might mitigate climate change and the challenges ahead from an energy perspective, endeavouring to better inform policy, academia, and industry about the UK’s net zero energy future. 

We, as a community of early career researchers (ECRs), are excited to host a half-day event on the opening day (9:00-12:00 GMT, 1st September 2021) of the three-day conference to provide our perspectives towards the UK’s net-zero goal. This collaborative ECR session will include perspectives of early career researchers and professionals from academia, industry, and policy. The goal of this session is to unite the early career community and produce a mini white paper that documents the presentations and ideas generated throughout the event. There will be 3 sessions, split into the following topics:  

  • Greening the economy and society 
  • The future of sustainable transport 
  • Securing a global transition to clean energy 

Each session will begin with flash talks, followed by panel discussions considering each topic. 

We would like to invite you to present a flash talk or be part of the panel to give your views on how your area of research relates to one of the above topics, along with ideas you have for the future of your area of research and how it can help support delivering UK’s net zero target

Next Steps


Yours sincerely,  

Supergen ECR Cross Hub Team