The Future Perspectives on Silicon Photovoltaics webinar took place on 14 October 2021, bringing together industrialists and academics to highlight current progress and challenges that silicon PV needs to address to deliver on future energy demands. The session was chaired by Dr Sebastian Bonilla (University of Oxford) and the keynote, delivered by Dr Pietro Altermatt, principal scientist at Trina solar, one of the leading manufacturers of silicon PV, focussed on areas where researchers could look to further improve solar module development. Dr Nicola Beaumont, senior development scientist at Oxford PV, then discussed how perovskite-on-silicon tandem technology can boost module efficiencies.

These perspectives were then followed by talks on the latest research developments from key UK groups with a focus on silicon PV; Dr Nicholas Grant, University of Warwick, Mingzhe Yu, University of Oxford, Dr Tudor Scheul, University of Southampton, and Prof Shashi Paul, De Montfort University.