The 2nd Indo UK PV Soiling Workshops, an online UKIERI-DST Partnership Development Workshop, took place on 24th and 25th January 2022. The workshop’s aim was to assist the formation of new collaborations between India and the United Kingdom to provide solutions to further enhance solar PV as a highly competitive and reliable source of energy. It brought together speakers from research and industry in the UK and India, with a keynote from David Miller, of the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, USA.

Topics discussed included the design and performance of hydrophilic and hydrophobic anti-soiling coatings, combining anti-reflection properties with anti-soiling performance, the fundamentals of addressing coating durability, inspecting and mapping losses due to soiling, amongst other key topics in the field.

The recordings of both days of the webinar are available to download:

Day 1: Download here

Day 2: Download here

Please note the files are quite large and may take a few minutes to download.