This webinar on March 2nd 2022 bought together leading researchers in photovoltaics who are placing emphasis on the requirements for a circular economy and integration of photovoltaics with products, to present their latest developments and discuss future trends in PV design and manufacturing, as the solar industry strives to build towards a circular economy for sustainable energy production.

The webinar was chaired by Dr Elliot Woolley of Loughborough University and featured the following talks:

A design-led approach to photovoltaics manufacturing, Prof Neil Beattie, Northumbria University

Can Less be More? – resource efficient energy using: Concentrator Photovoltaics, recycled PV, upcycled glass and biodegradable optics, Dr Katie Shanks, University of Exeter and Naomi Wright, Art and Energy

Life Cycle Assessments and Recycling Strategies for High-Performance Perovskite Solar Cells, Dr Sam Stranks, University of Cambridge

Colored, Stable and Flexible Co-evaporated perovskites solar cells and minimodules, Dr Annalisa Bruno, Nanyang Technological University

Designing with photovoltaics – how about that?, Prof Angele Reinders, Eindhoven University of Technology