The Photovoltaics in the Circular Economy webinar took place on 7 June 2023. Chaired by Dr Lewis Jones (Loughborough University), the webinar had a focus on current and future PV recycling strategies (for silicon, CadTel and next generation PV), and featured key industry players and insight from researchers from the USA, where solar assets are significantly more mature than in the UK. Some presentations have been made available below:

Dr Patrick IsherwoodLoughborough University, “Reshaping the Module: The Path to Comprehensive Photovoltaic Panel Recycling”

Jan Clyncke, PV CYCLE, “State of play: PV Panels Recycling Europe and WEEE Compliance UK” 23.06.07_Loughborough University Webinar_PV CYCLE

Peter Staudt-Fischbach, First Solar Inc, “15 years of thin film PV recycling: Lessons Learned and Future Challenges” 15_years_thin_film_PV_recycling

Matthew Royle & Dr Susana Iglesias Porras, Newcastle University, “Implementing Solar PV in the UK”

Dr Silvana Ovaitt, NREL, “Evaluating Circular Pathways for PV”

Dr Cara Libby, Electric Power Research Institute, “Advances in PV Module Recycling: Life Cycle Inventory Assessment for Six Recycling Facilities”

The webinar recording is available here